2019 Officers of the Year & Probation Hero Award Recipient

SCOPO would like to recognize and congratulate Deputy Juvenile Corrections Officer II Juan Chavez as the Correctional Officer of the Year, Deputy Probation Officer Michael Sanders as  Probation Officer of the Year, and Probation Officer Melissa Terrill and Probation Officer Aubrey Wimberly as the Probation Hero Award Recipient.

2019 Officer of the Year Recipients

2018 Officer of the Year

The State Coalition of Probation Organizations is proud to recognize Robert Bloe, Deputy Probation Officer from San Bernardino Probation Department as our 2018 Officer of the Year recipient. Officer Bloe is a long time San Bernardino Probation Department employee who has worked in their institutions and field services divisions.


He is being recognized for an incident that he was involved with last year. Officer Bloe responded to an individual with a gun near a school. Local law enforcement, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department SWAT, was also on scene. Officer Bloe had prior contact with the suspect and recognized him as an individual who suffered from a Mental Health diagnosis. Officer Bloe engaged the suspect for over three hours and was able to talk the suspect into putting down the gun, and the suspect was taken into custody


Officer Bloe's is being recognized for his professionalism in a time of crisis and his ability to defuse a major crisis situation.