August 2015 Round Table Report

Contra Costa

The PPOA is currently in Contract Negotiations with the County. The members have not had a base salary pay increase since 2006 and are anxious to settle on a contract that is fair and equitable. Contra Costa County is currently hiring DPO II's.

The department continues to struggle with recruitment and retention issues and the Administrative team is hopeful that current negotiations will result in a competitive wage that will attract a pool of quality applicants to fill the many vacant positions.

We recently armed an additional 14 DPO's and Supervisors, which brings our total number of armed staff to 30.

There have been talks amongst our Members about leaving SCOPO. Some Members believe that there is no benefit to be involved with SCOPO. We will be inviting members of the SCOPO Executive Board to speak at our next Association meeting to educate the group on SCOPO so they are fully aware of the hard work SCOPO does and the benefit SCOPO is for the different PROBATION organization throughout the state of California, as it is the only statewide group who solely has the interest in of Probation Peace Officers.


Madera County Probation is currently awaiting the results of a salary survey conducted by the County. We are not entirely sure of the specifics of the survey, i.e., if the survey covered counties of similar size or if the survey was regarding surrounding counties. Our attorney has submitted a request to obtain a copy of the survey, upon receipt MPPOA intends to schedule a meet and confer with the county regarding salary. At the present time our department is fully staffed, however we might be losing some DPO’s to Parole, (re-instatements). Lastly thanks to AB109 funds our dept has allotted an overtime time budget (with restrictions) for officers, however it is not a significant budget and it doesn’t appear it will last through the end of the fiscal year.


Greetings from the Mono County. The County and the Union reached an agreement after no contract since the end of 2012. The County is furloughing officers for 48 hours in the fiscal year of 15/16. Steps are unfrozen at 2.5% and a 2% COLA in 2017 and 2018. At the negotiating table, the county claimed it was not in a financial position to fairly compensate officers for their work. I hope the rest of you are faring better than us.


Orange County has recently begun contract negotiations. OCEA filed unfair practices with PERB against the county, PERB ultimately ruled in our favor. The county passed an ordinance known as COIN or Civic Openness In Negotiations which would have basically forced the union to negotiations in a public forum. Our numbers are down in both our PCS unit and Mandatory Supervision units. Also, the pop at JH remains low, along with the moral of staff. There is currently a new class of Deputy Juvenile Correctional Officers going through background and there has been an internal recruitment for DPOs. Hopefully we will have some positive movement in the near future.

San Bernardino

The SBCPOA is striving to make our workplace better. Currently we are struggling with the promotion process and fairness. On several occasions people have promoted and skipped a step without proper training for their new position. Promotion in this manner causes a hostile work environment and animosity toward the people who promote unfairly. Other areas of concern are inadequate staffing and the increasing number of Probation Officer's who are getting lateral transfers to other agencies. Lastly is the percentage, 5%, we receive when we are promoted. Also we are concerned with the new policy which basically says, "if you are arrested you are fired". We have had staff fired for being arrested on domestic violence issues but were not charged because they were the victim. Another staff member was seriously assaulted at a family event in a bar, arrested, but was later released because the video footage at the bar reflected him as an innocent victim, and he was but he was still fired. We are striving to continue to make working within our department the best!!!!!!!

San Diego

On Thursday, August 6, 2015 we will be closing our Boys Juvenile Ranch Facility in Campo. The department is going to consolidate the camps and be as one at our Camp Barrett Facility. Our juvenile numbers have dropped drastically over that last few years. With change comes some issues and we are working with the department to make this a smooth transition for everyone.

In June we started our new contract extension, which will give us almost 9% in salary increase. Also included will be a 5% flex credit increase in healthcare each year and a trade off in our pension contributions.

Social events for the remainder of the year will be our annual SDCPOA picnic on September 12th, our Christmas Party on December 11th and our first “Officer Down Charity” golf tournament in March of 2016.

San Luis Obispo

Budget passed without any issues and included in the budget a new Assistant Chief Probation Officer position was approved.

Many shifts at the management level, as well as bringing on new DPO’s from Juvenile Hall.

Our department is currently in a big push with data as it relates to performance.

With collaboration between our Deputy Chief and line staff, our Caseload Standards is entering into the finalization phase.

New statistics show Prop 47 lowered our jail count. With many felony cases being reduced to misdemeanors, formal supervision continues to be based on an offender’s LSI risk level.

Our Mandatory Supervision numbers are slowly growing.

Department shotguns to be distributed to our special units team, which are the Gang Task Force and Narc Unit.

Santa Cruz

Our Assistant Chief is retiring at the end of the month. This will conclude a 38+ year career spent in multiple counties/states.

Our Association President, Lisa Ramos, is stepping down. She will be leaving the department and joining the San Benito County Probation Department. Our current Vice President, Julio Juarez, will be assuming her position based on our bylaws.

We are hiring. The first round of DPO I hires took place this week and it is our understanding a second round will take place soon.

We are in the process of renovation/modernization/expansion of our Juvenile Hall.

We will be opening contract negotiations soon. Our association is currently surveying members for action items and is also reaching out to surrounding counties for contract/MOU comparison purposes.


Greetings from Solano County,
We continue to move forward with the arming process with the possibility of staff being issued their firearms at the end of this month. Arming will occur for our two PRCS units, as well as our Search Team, for a total of about 22 staff. We have a range master and two firearms instructors who are completing their training today, and they then will finalize our qualifications shortly thereafter.
Our contract expires at the end of September, with us entering negotiations about a month ago. It has been a slow process so far, with no real indication as of yet where the County is on money. Time will tell.

We just promoted a Supervising Group Counselor, interviewed for promotions for two Senior DPO positions, opened recruitment for a Supervising DPO position, and will be interviewing candidates for two entry level DPO positions at the end of the month.
Labor relations continue to be good with our Probation management, however we continue to experience some struggles with our Detention Facility management. While we continue to attempt to work out our differences, PERB charges may be filed shortly. We recently conducted a satisfaction survey with our Detention Facility members and it unfortunately substantiated our understanding that morale amongst our members is extremely low. Perhaps the lowest it has been in some time. We will continue to work on that.

That is it for now...... Stay safe my friends.


During the month of July, the association hosted a series of luncheons to celebrate our 30th year anniversary with agency staff, retirees, and local dignitaries. During a luncheon in Ventura, State Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin from District 44 presented the association with a Resolution recognizing our association’s contributions. In addition, on July 28th, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors presented the VCPPOA Board of Directors with a Resolution recognizing our association’s anniversary and the work that the association has done on behalf of our members and community.

The association continues to work with agency management on a comprehensive uniform policy. This is to address a recent contract uniform allowance and to replace deficient agency dress code guidelines. Uniform manufacturers and vendors have supplied wear test and embroidery samples for the work group’s consideration.

The Agency continues to move forward with policy updates through the Lexipol system and has recently proposed an Employee Speech, Expression, and Social Networking policy. After an initial legal analysis of the proposal, the association has asserted that the agency meets and confer on the matter and is still waiting on a response.

The agency recently had 82 candidates participate in physical agility testing for the Correctional Service Officers openings. Selection interviews and backgrounds will follow next. A hiring announcement was made for Deputy Probation Officer the first week of August.


Yuba County 3 Probation Officers just completed the Core class and we just hired 2 Probation Officers and 4 Juvenile Hall Counselors in the last month. We just promoted one of the Program Managers to the position of Assistant Chief Probation Officer.

Currently we are in negotiations with the County. We will see how that plays out in the near future.

YCPPOA was recognized by the County in June 2012 after a lot of hard work by a few individuals. Since the inception there have been a few trials and hurdles but the organization seems to be running smoothly with the help of all parties involved.