December 2014 Round Table Reports


We are a couple of months away from the start of negotiations with the county. The Board of Supervisors recently approved to give themselves a 32% raise, which was very concerning to those bargaining units that already ratified their contracts for minimal pay increases. The PPOA is one of the few remaining Associations to bargain for a new contract, which expires on June 30, 2015. We have been meeting with the Board of Supervisors and emphasizing our recruitment and retention issues. We have expressed the fact that Contra Costa County is being used as a training ground for entry level Probation Officers.

We have been hiring new DPO's who complete core training, get some experience under their belt, and relocate to surrounding counties for higher salaries and lower pension contributions. We continue to emphasize the need for a fair and honest negotiation process. A competitive wage and reduction in our 22% retirement contribution is a must, for our department to thrive. We have not seen a wage increase in 10 years and Members are very concerned.

Our Chief, Philip Kader sits as the Chair on the CPOC legislative committee. Chief Kader has expressed CPOC's future collaboration's with SCOPO and some of our legislative issues that will be brought up at the Capitol. Confidentiality is one of the issues he brought up and believes it is of the upmost importance that Peace Officer's confidential information remains anonymous in situations like Jury Duty. With CPOC and SCOPO on the same page with legislative issues, they have a good chance on getting an honest look by the Governor.

The results of a Special Election for President was conducted and Leandre’ Williams was chosen to lead the PPOACCC for the next two years. A special thanks goes to Mindy Jarrett for her dedicated work as the Association’s outgoing Secretary. Cristina Hernandez will assume those duties for the next two years.


MPPOA (Madera Probation Peace Officers Association) signed a 3 year contract with the County and are awaiting approval from the BOS. We negotiated the contribution into PERS as the County was responsible for paying 9%. In the current contract the County has agreed to do a “PERS-flip,” in which the County gives the employee a 9% raise and the employee pays 9% contribution towards PERS, a 5% raise, with a salary reopener in year 2 and 3.

Other items on the contract are a $15/month increase in clothing allowance for detention staff, an increase of 50% for night differential pay, a 2.5% differential pay for the DPO assigned to the gang unit (Special Investigations unit) and a 2.5% differential pay for 4 of 6 Range Masters.

The most significant item on the contract is the County requiring the employee to pay 5% towards medical costs and the employee paying 95%. This seemed to be a pivotal issue among staff as they County also changed the Medical Bench Mark from Blue Shield to United Health.

In the recent elections the incumbent DA was voted out and Madera County voters elected David Linn as the new DA and Jay Varney as the new Sheriff, both of which were endorsed by MPPOA. MPPOA also recently had elections and we will be seeing new faces on the Board. One of the challenges that the Board will have will be to re-write our by-laws.

Lastly the association is scheduled to host our annual Christmas Luncheon on December 18, 2014. On that date MPPOA will also be awarding the 2nd annual officer of the year award.


Monterey County Probation Department Chief Manuel Real will be retiring on December 12. The association continues to work on improving the bi-laws. Our first vote through E-voting was a success. We are waiting to see what will happen with the changes caused by Prop. 47.


We had recruitment for DPO II lateral transfers. We also had a recruitment for DJCOI in the institutions. We are getting prepared for negotiations coming up in the next few months. DPOs case loads are starting to decline with the passing of prop 47. Juvenile population at JH is also down. We are also currently in the midst of elections for our association and probation board.


In the process of negotiations. The Department is very open to considering allotments, pay increases for education, uniform, long as we don't call or label the increase a raise. However, arming pay is not a consideration. The majority of our department is armed. Some Officers have backup weapons and some are carrying Tasers. All Armed Officers will eventually be armed with Tasers once they are adequately trained. Social media is a very big concern for many PO's. The Department has chosen to have a Facebook and Twitter account. The issue is that many PO's do not want their faces and names on either site. The Department indicated whomever does not want their faces on the site, let them know and they will remove it immediately. However, we believe they should ask first instead of having us complete an opt-out form after the fact. Many officers are concerned with clients getting access to these photos and "tagging" them to their account. Lastly, is the failing of our department to have official training for Probation Officers who have been assigned to Internal Affairs? The PO's in these assignments do not receive any training for this position.


Our contract negotiations are still at a standstill. We haven’t met with the County in four months. Our differences persist over wages and the perception of our role as peace officers. The County doesn’t seem to care that our workload has increased; especially in light of the passage of AB 109. Additionally, we are experiencing greater risks on the job; including the supervision of higher risk offenders and serious officer safety concerns. We currently don’t have a date to meet with the County, and it’s hard to tell when we’ll meet again. We are prepared to go without a contract into next year if necessary; only time will tell if we’ll be able to get a contract ratified anytime soon.

After having agreed upon a set of Taser and related policies, the Department-County and our Association have implemented Taser training. Most of our armed officers have completed the training with another class scheduled in December. Most of the training has been conducted without incident. To date, our field officers have not yet had the opportunity to deploy their Tasers during the course of their duties. Several Labor Management and Meet & Confer issues remain outstanding. Our next meeting will likely be after the first of the year.

This is my last Roundtable Report as President of the SJCPOA. After having served 5 years as our Vice President and 7 years as our President, I am stepping down. I will be staying on our Board though in a Director’s position. Our current Vice President, Travis Rowe, will be assuming the presidency effective January 1, 2015.


  1. Proposition 47: Like counties statewide, the ramifications from Prop 47 are definitely being felt in SLO. Our department has gathered approximately 400-500 felony probationers (not counting mandatory probation or PRCS) whose cases are Prop 47 eligible. However, in meeting with the judges it has been determined we will continue to supervise these cases, regardless of their status, felony or misdemeanor. Cases will not be reduced and simply placed on bench probation. Many cases will remain on formal supervised probation, as misdemeanors, as they are just not appropriate candidates for unsupervised probation.
  2. Probation holds: In the past our department has placed probation holds on individuals arrested for new crimes and probation violations. Beginning 11/30/14, every officer booking someone in to county jail will be required to arrest pursuant to PC 1203.2, note it in the charge portion of the booking sheet, note a bail amount and fill out a probable cause statement.
  3. Our department has finished the curriculum for and begun the instruction/training process for the Basic Handgun and Tactical Handgun Courses, as well as the Introduction to Basic Field Tactics, Intermediate Field Tactics, and Advanced Field Tactics courses. -All courses are mandatory for armed officers.

    • Handgun courses focus on perfecting the basic marksmanship fundamentals, while adding the skills of: presenting from the holster, loading and unloading, clearing malfunctions, and follow through.
    • The Tactical Course focuses on multiple target acquisition, shooting from different positions (kneeling, sitting, prone, and on your back), transferring handgun from primary to support side hand, lateral movement shooting at multiple targets, shooting from cover and concealment, and shooting in teams/tactical communication/stress drills.
    • Building Entry/Search & Tactics Courses concentrate on the fundamentals behind building entry and building searches, tactical movements through entry and searches, potential scenarios illustrating these occurrences, as well as pedestrian stops and vehicle stops (vehicle stops training is for officers that may work alongside other LE officers in marked vehicles that may encounter this issue). Other points of discussion include simunitions training in both the Intermediate and Advanced courses.
  4. Our Department's Shot Gun project has been delayed due to mounting issues in the vehicles, as some are different makes/models. We offer a Basic Shot gun course and an Intermediate Shotgun Course.

    • All officers who will carry shot guns (DPO III's, Narcotics, GTF, and PRCS) have been trained in the Basic Shotgun course and are awaiting training for the Intermediate Course, through the mandated training.
    • By January the shotgun project will be back under way.
  5. MDC units have been placed in all vehicles and are online. We are in the process on using them and working out various "bugs", so to speak.
  6. Juvenile Hall expansion is underway. 20 more beds will be complete for the High Risk juveniles. It will incorporate a treatment program for all in-custody minors, attempting to model the type of treatment offered at group homes.
  7. Title IVE...still a looming issue regarding monies lost. Our Chief, as well as the others throughout the state, is working with the Feds to get the issue resolved in order to begin claiming those monies again in the future.

FYI....Per Chief Deputy Robert Reyes, any county that wishes to receive a copy of a curriculum/policy for any firearms training, please contact him at, or via telephone at 805-781-2951. ALL COUNTIES ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND ANY TRAINING FREE OF CHARGE, FOR 1-3 OFFICERS.


After an arduous 18-month battle with county and agency negotiators, attempts at mediation, declaration of impasse, and moves towards the fact finding process, VCPPOA is proud to announce the resolution of a new contract. On 12/9/14, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved a 4-year contract which will expire on June 16, 2018.

A few of the notable items in the contract for 2014 include a $750 one-time signing bonus, a $12 increase per pay period in Flex Credit, addition of Veteran's Day holiday, uniform policy w/ $600 annual uniform allowance, 50/50 Retirement Off Set (3.05%), and an additional 0.95% for current 30-year employees. 2% salary increase effective May 2015 plus an additional $12 increase per pay period in Flex Credit. 3% ATB salary increase effective May 2016, and a "Me-Too" clause for additional Flex Credit. 3% ATB salary increase effective June 2017. Additional Benefits include a 7.5% premium pay for DPO’s authorized to carry a firearm. A 5% premium pay for SRDPO’s assigned as the Watch Commander at the Juvenile Facilities. A pilot Alternative Work Schedule at the Juvenile Facilities to add 10 and 12-hour shifts to the historical 8-hour work schedule. Improvements to the promotional process to be consistent with county sheriff’s process. Reworked the Night Shift Differential (NSD) premium pay eligibility. Continuation of Health Care coverage for thirteen (13) bi-weeks while on unpaid leave (same as VCDSA). One-time payout of sick leave upon promotion out of VCPPOA representation. Contractual overtime paid under current "time-worked" definition. FLSA overtime paid after (86) hours and for time actually worked (pertains to 50/50 retirement off-set amount of 3.05%). Lower salary ranges for CSO I, CSO II, CSO III and SrDPO have been eliminated. Salary ranges for DPO remain unchanged. Starting salary ranges are now: CSO I = $18.46; CSO II = $23.56; CSO III = $24.74; SrDPO = $26.67.

Additional (36) hours Association Release Time for meetings with Chief Probation Officer and/or his/her designee. Approved Martial Arts training and job related conferences are now eligible for tuition reimbursement. The Chief Probation Officer may reassign employees to any other work schedule with (30) days advance notice to the employees involved and to VCPPOA.

Once eligible, VCPPOA members hired after ratification of MOA may only "cash out" vacation hours once every (12) months. Various progressive changes in Grievance Procedure, VCPPOA Rights, Performance Reviews, and Personnel Files.Many thanks to all who participated during this process. A positive and professional public education endeavor, along with a healthy dose of patience, brought this contract to fruition.