August 2018 Round Table Report

Ventura County

  • Signed a 3-year contract in July
  • Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament is on 10/29/18

Yolo County

  • Staff assaults have been reduced after a policy change
  • Currently housing 24 federally contracted detainees in institution

Solano County

  • Welcomed new SCOPO board member DPO J. Martinez

San Bernardino County

  • Currently in contract negotiations

Fresno County

  • New chief
  • Morale has improved
  • Narcan training in process
  • 10-12 DPO’s certified to 5150
  • Retention issues (losing many to state agencies)
  • Hired 5 lateral officers

San Joaquin County

  • Currently in contract negotiations
  • Pretrial GPS
  • Finalized uniform policy

Sacramento County

  • Contract finalized
  • Several grievances positively resolved
  • Currently housing adults at JH
  • JCORE begins with all “in-house” trainers

Orange County

  • Open recruitment for institutional staff
  • JCORE class begins
  • New BPOC class just started, another begins in October
  • Camp evacuated in fire
  • Currently in contract negotiations

Santa Cruz County

  • Hiring/retention issues
  • Staff trained in Narcan but now unable to use it due to “liability issues” per management
  • FTO program instated
  • Targeted Case Management instated

Los Angeles County

  • New union president
  • Currently in contract negotiations
  • Hosted scholarship awards on 8/10/18, thanks AOCDS(Orange County) for their support

Kern County

  • Hiring/retention issues
  • Hosting a general membership meeting to discuss the importance of political involvement probation issues, Sacrament will be in attendance to support