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$3.00 per member per month, up to a cap of 700 members. Full Membership includes eligibility for seats on the Board and the E-Board with the ability to cast a vote, and the ability to request donations. 

Associate Membership

No cost. This option is only available to organizations with less than 25 members. Participation in Board meetings is limited to verbal participation only, without the possibility of holding a seat on the Board or E-Board, and without the ability to make donation requests.

If you are interested in becoming a Full or Associate member, please contact the SCOPO office at

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A Member’s Perspective

By Rich Berkery

You may ask, “What is that $3.00 deducted from your monthly paycheck?” I know I asked that same question several years ago. The $3.00 is used for membership to the State Coalition of Probation Officers (SCOPO), which includes Probation Counselors.

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