Complaint Alleges Risk to Public from Budget Cuts

The 29-page complaint, filed May 20, 2010, alleges that as a result of the Sacramento County Probation Department’s present inability to comply with constitutional, statutory and court-ordered mandates, the people of Sacramento County are at a heightened risk from serious and violent criminal offenders. The complaint details the effects of the cuts in five major areas:

Juvenile Justice

  • Dismissal of most juvenile citations
  • Closure of the Sacramento County Boys RanchLoss of Juvenile Hall (Youth Detention
  • Facility) housing units
  • Reduction in community supervision of juveniles
Sex Offenders

  • Elimination of most staff positions for supervising sex offenders
  • No supervision of over 50 registered sex offenders in Sacramento County
Domestic Violence

  • No monitoring of domestic violence probation conditions
  • Loss of domestic violence batterer programs
  • Victims’ Rights

No victim impact statements

  • Closure of Probation Department Victims Unit
  • No enforcement of victim restitution rights
  • No victim mediation in juvenile cases

Adult Services

  • Adult Court Services staffing reduced 77 percent
  • Adult Field Services reduced to 11 officers to supervise over 21,000 adult criminal offenders on probation in Sacramento County
  • No supervision for over 5,000 high-risk adult offenders
  • Loss of the Response Team
  • Loss of Adult Restitution Unit
  • No pre-sentence investigation reports

These are just a few of the programs and responsibilities eliminated by the drastic budget cuts imposed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in July. While the complaint’s filing prior to the supervisors’ final budget decisions appears to have caused some funds to be reinstated, there remains a shortfall of many millions of dollars that prevents the Sacramento Probation Department from performing mandated functions.