Legislative Update on the Governor's 2013-2014 Proposed Budget


The stated purpose of Realignment in 2011 was to move "program and fiscal responsibility to counties, providing a dedicated source of funding while eliminating duplication of effort, generating savings, and increasing flexibility." As we know, one other clear (if not overriding) purpose of realignment was to relieve on-going serious over-crowding problems in the state prison system.

The passage of Prop 30 assured, for the time being, full funding of realignment and other related local public safety funding.

Realigned programs continue to include local public safety programs, mental health, substance abuse, foster care, child welfare services and adult protective services. The funding sources of realignment are:

1) The dedication of 1.0625 cents of a state funded sales tax;
2) The dedication of a portion of vehicle license fee revenues.

There are multiple accounts from which Realignment is proposed to be funded. Among those accounts are - Enhancing Law Enforcement Activities Subaccount (local jurisdiction of low level offenders and parole violators); community corrections subaccount, and the juvenile justice subaccount.

The Community Corrections subaccount's budget has been allocated nearly $843 million in
2012-2013 (an increase of $77.3 million from 2011-2012), and $999 million in 2013-2014.

Finally, SB 678 was proposed to be funded by the Governor at $35.8 million for 2012-2013, with no change in the current formula.

Attached, please find the full summary of the Governor's 2012-13 Budget Proposal.

Alberto Torrico, Capitol Advocacy

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