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One Light, Two Lights, Red Light, Blue Light

Legislation sponsored by the State Coalition of Probation Organizations will allow probation peace officers to display a blue warning light on authorized emergency vehicles. Senate Bill 587 (D-Atkins) would amend Vehicle Code section 25258(b) to give probation officers the same authority as most..

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules Law Enforcement May Use Evidence Found After Illegal Stop

In a 5-3 decision marked by a ferocious dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that officers may use evidence obtained from a search incident to arrest even when the evidence is found after an unconstitutional stop. The case, Utah v. Strieff, gives peace office..

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Court Denies Defendant’s Challenge to PRCS Probation Search

By Christopher W. Miller, Esq. SCOPO General Counsel Ruling against a probationer who tried to suppress evidence he was in possession of child pornography, the First District Court of Appeal held the one year supervision period under the Postrelease Community Supervision Ac..

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President's Message

March 4, 2016
Welcome to the SCOPO website, Founded in 1983 to create a voice in Sacramento for the issues and concerns of probation peace officers, SCOPO has grown into the number one resource for labor issues for the probation profession in the State of ..

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